Appendix B. Changes from CSS1


This appendix is informative, not normative.

CSS2 builds on CSS1 and all valid CSS1 style sheets are valid CSS2 style sheets. The changes between the CSS1 specification (see [CSS1]) and this specification fall into three groups: new functionality, updated descriptions of CSS1 functionality, and changes to CSS1.

B.1 New functionality

In addition to the functionality of CSS1, CSS2 supports:

B.2 Updated descriptions

The CSS1 specification was short and concise. This specification is much more voluminous and more readable. Much of the additional content describes new functionality, but the description of CSS1 features has also been extended. Except in a few cases described below, the rewritten descriptions do not indicate a change in syntax nor semantics.

B.3 Semantic changes from CSS1

While all CSS1 style sheets are valid CSS2 style sheets, there are a few cases where the CSS1 style sheet will have a different meaning when interpreted as a CSS2 style sheet. Most changes are due to implementation experience feeding back into the specification, but there are also some error corrections.