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G13: Describing what will happen before a change to a form control is made


Applies to content that includes forms.

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The objective of this technique is to provide information to users about what will happen when a change to a form control results in a change of context. Because changing the value of a form control does not typically result in a change of context, it is important that authors provide instructions that make the user aware of the behavior in advance. Where possible, it is a good idea to programmatically associate the instructions describing the change with the form control itself.


Example 1

  1. A series of radio buttons at the top of a page include options for German, French and Spanish. Instructions precede the buttons that instruct the user that the language will be changed upon selecting an option.

  2. A 50 question online survey displays one question at a time. Instructions appear at the beginning of the survey that explain that users will be taken to the next question of the survey upon selecting an answer to each question.


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