Guide to Guideline 1.3 Level 2 Success Criterion 1

1.3 L2 SC1

Key terms and important concepts


Presentation is the rendering of the content and structure in a form that can be sensed by the user.

programmatically determined

programmatically determined means that the specific value can be determined in a standard, machine or software readable form.

Intent of this success criterion

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Technology-Independent techniques for Guideline 1.3 L2 SC1



Indicating emphasis through semantic markup.

In written documents, emphasis can be created through grammar, syntax, and writing style. Emphasis can also be indicated through markup and by setting visual and/or auditory properties in an associated style sheet. Once again, we note that visual cues alone cannot ensure that user agents are able to identify content that should be emphasized.

Technology-Specific Techniques for Guideline 1.3 L2 SC1

HTML Techniques

Benefits: How Guideline 1.3 L2 SC1 helps people with disabilities

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Examples of Guideline 1.3 L2 SC1

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