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6. The SMIL 2.1 Linking Modules

Editor for SMIL 2.1:
Thierry MICHEL, W3C
Editors for SMIL 2.0
Lloyd Rutledge, CWI
Aaron Cohen, Intel.

Table of contents

6.1 Introduction

The SMIL 2.1 Linking Modules define the SMIL 2.1 document attributes and elements for navigational hyperlinking. These are navigations through the SMIL presentation that can be triggered by user interaction or other triggering events, such as temporal events. SMIL 2.1 provides only for in-line link elements. Links are limited to uni-directional single-headed links (i.e. all links have exactly one source and one destination resource).

The SMIL 2.1 Linking Modules are named LinkingAttributes, BasicLinking and ObjectLinking. The LinkingAttributes module includes a set of attributes used to provide SMIL linking semantics to linking elements. The BasicLinking module includes the SMIL 2.1 linking elements themselves. The ObjectLinking module includes additional optional linking features that a language profile may wish to include. Note that the BasicLinking module explicitly includes the attributes from the LinkingAttributes module on its elements.

6.2 Relation to SMIL 2.0

The SMIL 2.1 specification leaves the SMIL 2.0 Linking Modules unchanged.

Please refer to the former SMIL 2.0 Linking Modules [SMIL20-linking] for definition of navigation semantics, elements and attributes allowing navigational hyperlinking through SMIL presentations.

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