1.1 L3 SC1 : For multimedia content, a combined transcript of audio descriptions and captions is provided.

Text documents that provide descriptions of important visual information and transcripts of important auditory information

This technique relates to the following sections of the guidelines:


Provide a single document that combines text versions of any media equivalents required by Guideline 1.2, including captions and audio descriptions, in the order in which they occur in the multimedia.

Combining the text of audio descriptions and captions into a single text document creates a transcript of the multimedia, providing access to people who have both visual and hearing disabilities. Transcripts also provide the ability to index and search for information contained in audio/visual materials.

For more information about when and how to write captions and audio descriptions, refer to the techniques related to Guideline 1.2.

Editorial Note: Guideline 1.2 is not covered in this draft.


Here is an example of a collated text transcript of a clip from "The Lion King." Note that the Describer is providing the audio description of the video track and that the description has been integrated into the transcript.

Simba: Yeah!  

Describer: Simba races outside, followed by his parents.  

Sarabi smiles and  nudges Simba gently toward his father.

The two sit side-by-side, watching the  golden sunrise.    

Mufasa: Look Simba, everything the light touches is our kingdom.

Simba: Wow.