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This document is an appendix QA Framework: Test Guidelines [QAF-TEST] . It provides a tabular checklist of all checkpoints from the specification guidelines, complete with their priorities. Please refer to QA Framework: Test Guidelines [QAF-TEST] for the full statement and description of the test guidelines and checkpoints, as well as references to related documents and full credits and acknowledgements of contributors to the test guidelines work.

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This checklist includes all checkpoints from the QA Framework: Test Guidelines [QAF-TEST] presented in a tabular format. The checkpoint priorities are included, and the order of the test guidelines document is maintained.

The presentation is intended to be convenient for organizers and evaluators of QA projects in W3C Working Groups, to facilitate assessing test materials against the checkpoints. The table includes spaces for scoring each checkpoint, "yes" (satisfied), "no" (not satisfied), "n/a" (not applicable).


For a description of the meaning of the priorities in the following table, please consult the conformance clause and the priorities definition section of the test guidelines ([QAF-TEST], chapter 3 and section 1.6) .

Checklist table

Guideline 1. Perform a functional analysis of the specification and determine the testing strategy to be used.


Define the test suite scope

[Priority 1]   

Identify the specification(s) to be tested.

[Priority 1]   

Analyze the structure of the specification, partition it as appropriate, and determine and document the testing approach to be used for the test suite as a whole and for each partition.

[Priority 1]   

Guideline 2. Identify and tag testable assertions within the specification.


Identify and list assertions within the specification.

[Priority 1]   

Metadata must be associated with test assertions, enabling test developers, the test-management system, the test-execution framework, and the results-reporting process to make useful distinctions between groups of tests.

[Priority 2]   

Guideline 3. Provide a test management system


The Working Group must provide a test management system

[Priority 1]   

The test management system must associate tests with metadata.

[Priority 1]   

Test management system must allow filtering based on metadata.

[Priority 2]   

Test management system must support results.

[Priority 2]   

Guideline 4. Provide a test framework


Provide a test framework

[Priority 1]   

Prototype the test framework

[Priority 2]   

Automation of testing is encouraged.

[Priority 2]   

Guideline 5. Provide results reporting


Test Materials must support results reporting

[Priority 1]   

Results reporting framework should generate a unified report.

[Priority 2]   

Results reporting framework must indicate result status of each test.

[Priority 1]   

Results reporting framework should allow filtering based on metadata

[Priority 2]   

Guideline 6. Plan for conformance testing


Organize conformance testing activities.

[Priority 1]   

Encourage Vendors to publish test results.

[Priority 3]   


QA Framework: Test Guidelines, P. Curran, D. Dimitriadis, P. Fawcett, K. Gavrylyuk, L. Henderson, M. Skall, Eds., W3C Working Draft, May 2003, available at http://www.w3.org/TR/qaframe-test/.