8. Change history

2003-11-10, Candidate Recommendation

This version integrated the feedback received on the previous intermediate draft, where only minor changes were requested:

2003-09-12, intermediate WD

This version integrated the resolutions of the issues raised during the Last Call review; the document has been reordered and some of the guidelines have been consolidated; furthermore, many checkpoints have been reworded for sake of clarification or adjustment.

The detailed changes are more visible in the editor's version of SpecGL.

2003-02-10, Last Call WD

This version integrates the resolutions taken by the WG on the issues raised since the last Working Draft; a good set of them have been taken during the QA WG F2F in Seattle. The structure hasn't really changed since the last draft, except that some checkpoints were removed, some were added.

2002-11-08, third published WD

While keeping most of the principles behind the second published WD, this version has re-ordered the guidelines in a more logical way, and takes a more formal approach in the design of CP, where all CP has a set of test assertions. Besides, repetitions have been diminished through factorization, and non-testable or arguable CP have been removed or marked as to be moved as examples and techniques. Finally, it integrates all the issues resolutions agreed during the QA WG Tokyo face-to-face meeting and the weeks following.

2002-08-26, second published WD

Significantly reorganized and revised the first published WD. This version produced as a series of editor's drafts. The changes below are reverse chronological (most recent first), so more recent ones may build on older ones.

2002-05-15 version

First published WD.