12 Glossary Of Terms


[Definition: A "binding" connects an instance data node to a form control or to a model item constraint by using a binding expression as a locator. ]

Binding expression

[Definition: An XPath LocationPath expression used in a binding. ]

Computed expression

[Definition: An XPath expression used by model item properties such as relevant and calculate to include dynamic functionality in XForms.]

Containing document

[Definition: A specific document, for example an XHTML document, in which one or more <model> elements are found.]


[Definition: From XML Schema [XML Schema part 2]: A 3-tuple, consisting of a) a set of distinct values, called its value space, b) a set of lexical representations, called its lexical space, and c) a set of facets that characterize properties of the value space, individual values or lexical items.]


[Definition: From XML Schema [XML Schema part 2]: A single defining aspect of a value space. Generally speaking, each facet characterizes a value space along independent axes or dimensions.]

Form control

[Definition: An XForms user interface control that serves as a point of user interaction.]

Instance data

[Definition: An internal tree representation of the values and state of all the instance data nodes associated with a particular form.]

Instance data node

[Definition: An XPath node from the instance data.]

Lexical space

[Definition: From XML Schema [XML Schema part 2]: A lexical space is the set of valid literals for a datatype.]

Model item

[Definition: An instance data node with associated constraints. ]

Model item constraint

[Definition: Either a Schema constraint or an XForms constraint. ]

Schema constraint

[Definition: A restriction, applied to form data, based on XML Schema datatypes. ]

Value space

[Definition: From XML Schema [XML Schema part 2]: A set of values for a given datatype. Each value in the value space of a datatype is denoted by one or more literals in its lexical space.]

XForms constraint

[Definition: A restriction, applied to form data, based on XForms-specific expressions. ]

XForms Model

[Definition: The non-visible definition of an XML form as specified by XForms. The XForms Model defines the individual model items and constraints and other run-time aspects of XForms.]

XForms Processor

[Definition: A software application or program that implements and conforms to the XForms specification.]