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W3C Note 8 November 2000

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Steven Pemberton, CWI
Dave Raggett, W3C/Phone.com
Masayasu Ishikawa, W3C


The HTML Working Group is chartered with the development of an extensible, sub-settable version of HTML that is compatible with XML. It is also chartered with the development of some extensions to HTML - notably in the area of forms. This group's current activities commenced in August 1998, and the group was rechartered in June 2000. The purpose of this document is to describe the activities of the HTML Working Group, define general milestones for each sub-project, and outline the inter-dependencies among the various deliverables.

Status of this document                     

This document has been moved.

The latest version of this document is now maintained as part of the W3C HTML Activity pages, at: http://www.w3.org/MarkUp/xhtml-roadmap .

The W3C HTML Working Group (members only) will update the roadmap from time to time. The goals of the HTML Working Group are discussed in the HTML Working Group charter.

A list of current W3C Recommendations and other technical documents can be found at http://www.w3.org/TR.