About this Template

This template provides a small to medium site for a business. It is developed as part of the activity of the WAI Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines Working group, as a sample template to be used by Authoring Tool developers. There are several pages that form the template:

A style sheet
The style sheet provides layout, font and colour control for the entire site. The fonts are specified in relative sizes, so that the user can choose their base fontsize according to their own needs. The style sheet also converts a simple line of links into a navigation sidebar. A bug in some versions of Internet Explorer does not recognise the display property block, so links need to be padded with  's in some cases to provide clean rendering of the sidebar on this browser.
A main Page
The main page is a simple introduction to the other pages in the site. It contains at least one graphic that identifies what the site is about, but is not too heavily based on multimedia for reasonable download times.
A news page
The News page has a simple internal navigation structure, layered to provide easy access to different levels of detail.
A products page
The Products page is essentially the same as the news page, with illustrations and descriptions of the products
An "about" page
This page describes the site, including known bugs in implementations.


If you have comments on the accessibility or usability of this template please Contact the author.