XHTML Frameset DTD

Version:   V1.0


This is the driver file for version 1.0 of the XHTML Frameset DTD.

Please use this formal public identifier to identify it:

    "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Frameset//EN"

Please use this URI to identify the default namespace:


For example, if you are using XHTML 1.0 directly, use the FPI in the DOCTYPE declaration, with the xmlns attribute on the document element to identify the default namespace:

        <?xml version="1.0" ?>
        <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Frameset//EN"
                              "XHTML1-f.dtd" >
        <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/TR/1999/REC-html-in-xml"
              xml:lang="en" lang="en" >

Element Type Summary
110 element types:
a a a abbr acronym address applet area area area b base basefont bdo big blockquote body body body br button button button caption center cite code col colgroup dd del dfn dir div dl dt em fieldset font form form form frame frameset frameset frameset h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 head hr html i iframe img input input input ins kbd label label label legend li link map menu meta noframes noscript object ol optgroup option p param pre q s samp script select select select small span strike strong style sub sup table tbody td textarea textarea textarea tfoot th thead title tr tt u ul var
Parameter Entity Summary
213 parameter entities:
A.content Abbr.content Acronym.content Address.content Align.attrib Alink.attrib Applet.content Area.content B.content Base.content Basefont.content Bdo.content Big.content Blkform.class Blkphras.class Blkpres.class Blkspecial.class Blkstruct.class Block-noform.class Block-noform.mix Block.class Block.mix Blockquote.content Body.content Br.content Button.content Caption.content CaptionAlign CellHAlign.attrib CellVAlign.attrib Center.content Character Charset Charsets Cite.content Code.content Col.content Colgroup.content Color Common.attrib ContentType ContentTypes Coords Core.attrib Datetime Dd.content Del.content Dfn.content Dir.content Div.content Dl.content Dt.content Em.content Events.attrib Fieldset.content Flow.mix Font.content Form.content Formctrl.class Frame.content FrameTarget Frameset.content HTML.version Head-opts.mix Head.content Heading.class Heading.content Hr.content Html.content I.content I18n.attrib IAlign.attrib Iframe.content Img.content Inline-noa.class Inline-noa.mix Inline.class Inline.mix Inlphras.class Inlpres.class Inlspecial.class Inlstruct.class Input.content InputType.class Ins.content Kbd.content Label.content LanguageCode Legend.content LegendAlign.attrib Length Li.content Link.content LinkTypes List.class Map.content MediaDesc Menu.content Meta.content Misc.class MultiLength MultiLengths Noframes.content Noscript.content Ns.attrib Number Object.content Ol.content OlStyle Optgroup.content Option.content P.content Param.content Param.local.module Pixels Pre.content Profile.attrib Q.content S.content Samp.content Scope Script Script.content Select.content Shape Small.content Span.content Strike.content Strong.content Style.content StyleSheet Sub.content Sup.content TAlign TFrame TRules Table.content Tbody.content Td.content Text Textarea.content Tfoot.content Th.content Thead.content Title.content Tr.content Tt.content U.content URI URIs Ul.content UlStyle Var.content Version.attrib XHTML.Transitional XHTML.ns XHTML.profile XHTML1-applet.mod XHTML1-applet.module XHTML1-arch.module XHTML1-attribs-t.mod XHTML1-attribs-t.module XHTML1-blkphras.mod XHTML1-blkphras.module XHTML1-blkpres.mod XHTML1-blkpres.module XHTML1-blkstruct.mod XHTML1-blkstruct.module XHTML1-charent.mod XHTML1-charent.module XHTML1-csismap.mod XHTML1-csismap.module XHTML1-events.mod XHTML1-events.module XHTML1-f.Documentation XHTML1-form.mod XHTML1-form.module XHTML1-frames.mod XHTML1-frames.module XHTML1-image.mod XHTML1-image.module XHTML1-inlphras.mod XHTML1-inlphras.module XHTML1-inlpres.mod XHTML1-inlpres.module XHTML1-inlstruct.mod XHTML1-inlstruct.module XHTML1-lat1 XHTML1-linking.mod XHTML1-linking.module XHTML1-list.mod XHTML1-list.module XHTML1-meta.mod XHTML1-meta.module XHTML1-model-t.mod XHTML1-model-t.module XHTML1-names.mod XHTML1-names.module XHTML1-object.mod XHTML1-object.module XHTML1-script.mod XHTML1-script.module XHTML1-special XHTML1-struct.mod XHTML1-struct.module XHTML1-style.mod XHTML1-style.module XHTML1-symbol XHTML1-t.dtd XHTML1-table.mod XHTML1-table.module XHTML1.ents XLink.attribs

Unused Parameter Entities


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