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Team Comment on XML Pipeline Language (XPL) Version 1.0 Submission

W3C is pleased to receive the XML Pipeline Language (XPL) Version 1.0 Submission from Orbeon, Inc.


The XML Pipeline Language (XPL) proposed here is a systematic attempt to address the well-recognized need for a way of specifying XML processing as an orchestrated connection of simple processing steps.

It consists of an XML language for specifying a configuration of infoset creation, processing and serialization steps, in terms of their identity and the connection of their input(s) and output(s). Configuration options are straight-line sequences, choices and for-each iteration, the latter two controlled by XPath expressions.

Relationship to W3C Work

The submission makes extensive use of the XML Infoset and XPath, both the existing version 1.0 Recommendation and the forthcoming version 2.0, in ways which are consistent with those specifications.

The submission correctly points out its relationship with two existing Notes: XML Pipeline Definition Language Version 1.0 and XML Processing Model Requirements.

Next Steps

A possible next step would be the creation of an XML Processing Model Working Group. If such a Group is created, then this submission would be brought to their attention. Otherwise, some determination will have to be made as to where responsibility for XML processing model issues resides within the W3C.

W3C members with an interest in XML processing model issues and supportive of the creation of a Processing Model Working Group may wish to discuss the issue with other Advisory Council members via the (member-only) AC Forum mailing list.

Disclaimer: Placing a Submission on a Working Group/Interest Group agenda does not imply endorsement by either the W3C Team or the participants of the Working Group/Interest Group, nor does it guarantee that the Working Group/Interest Group will agree to take any specific action on a Submission.

Authors: Henry S. Thompson
$Date: 2005/04/08 07:09:31 $