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Submission request to W3C (W3C Team Comment)

We, W3C member Republica Corp., hereby submit to the Consortium the following specification, comprising the following document attached hereto:

  1. DEL – Data Extraction Language

which collectively are referred to as "the submission". We request the submission be known as the “DEL” submission.


The submission outlines the Data Extraction Language. DEL is an XML format for describing data conversion processes from other data formats to XML. A DEL script specifies how to locate and extract fragments from input data and where to insert them in the resulting XML format. The DEL processor executing the DEL script can use the extracted data to either create a new XML document or modify an existing XML document by creating new elements and attributes at locations specified with XPath expressions.

Intellectual property Rights

Republica Corp. agrees that, upon adoption of this contribution as a W3C Recommendation, any W3C member will be able to obtain a license from Republica Corp. to implement and use the technology described in this contribution for the purposes of supporting the W3C Recommendation on a royalty-free basis. One condition of this license shall be the party's agreement to not assert patent rights against Republica Corp. and other companies for their implementation of the W3C Recommendation. Republica Corp. expressly reserves all other rights it may have in the material and subject matter of this contribution.

This contribution and the information contained herein is provided on an "AS IS" basis and to the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Republica Corp. provides the contribution AS IS AND WITH ALL FAULTS, and hereby disclaims all other warranties and conditions, either express, implied or statutory, including, but not limited to, any (if any) implied warranties, duties or conditions of merchantability, of fitness for a particular purpose, of accuracy or completeness of responses, of results, of workmanlike effort, of lack of viruses, and of lack of negligence, all with regard to the contribution. ALSO, THERE IS NO WARRANTY OR CONDITION OF TITLE, QUIET ENJOYMENT, QUIET POSSESSION, CORRESPONDENCE TO DESCRIPTION OR NON-INFRINGEMENT WITH REGARD TO THE CONTRIBUTION. IN NO EVENT WILL REPUBLICA CORP. BE LIABLE TO ANY OTHER PARTY INCLUDING THE W3C AND ITS MEMBERS FOR THE COST OF PROCURING SUBSTITUTE GOODS OR SERVICES, LOST PROFITS, LOSS OF USE, LOSS OF DATA, OR ANY INCIDENTAL, CONSEQUENTIAL, DIRECT, INDIRECT, OR SPECIAL DAMAGES WHETHER UNDER CONTRACT, TORT, WARRANTY, OR OTHERWISE, ARISING IN ANY WAY OUT OF THIS OR ANY OTHER AGREEMENT RELATING TO THIS DOCUMENT, WHETHER OR NOT SUCH PARTY HAD ADVANCE NOTICE OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES.


All product names are trademarks, registered trademarks, or service marks of their respective owners.


The submission may distributed within the membership of the W3C free of any fee. The submission may be distributed publicly free of any fee under the redistribution terms expressed in the W3C copyright statement.

Suggested action

We suggest that the Consortium's XSLT Working Group use this submission as a basis for furthering the work on any-to-XML transformations, possibly with the creation of a new working group.


To help with this work, we expect to actively participate in all technical activity in this area. If W3C continues this work, we expect to be able to provide one non-resident document editor to the Consortium.

Change control

Should any changes be required to the document, we would expect future versions to be produced by W3C process.


Inquiries from the public or press about this submission should be directed to del@republica.fi.

Republica Corp. / Data Extraction Language
Ahlmaninkatu 1
40100 Jyväskylä


on this 21th day of June, 2001,

Antti Jokipii, Republica Corp., antti.jokipii@republica.fi
Eetu Ojanen, Republica Corp., eetu.ojanen@republica.fi