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Comment on the "NVML" submission

W3C is pleased to receive the NVML submission from Fujitsu Limited.

The NaVigation Markup Language (NVML) is a markup language for describing the navigation information for a variety of mobile information appliances, such as smart phones, PDAs equipped with GPS, and car navigation systems. It is written in XML, and has the capability to describe several types of navigation information such as a route from the current point to a destination point, a way to a shop from the nearest station, transportation courses, sightseeing courses, and tour schedules.

This language is able to describe location informaton as latitude, longitude, address and various additional items. An inportant point of this language is the capablity to describe a route to the target location as a list of locations and additional explanations.

As for standardization of representing geographical and navigation information, the POIX submission, and relevant works being done by the Dublin Core and the IETF should also be studied.

Handling navigation information will be an interesting work item of the W3C Mobile Access Activity, as the Mobile Access IG is interested in handling position information in mobile devices.

Next Steps

NVML will be brought to the attention of the participants of the Mobile Access Interest Group. Mobile Access IG is considering to hold a workshop about position (location) information, so NVML will be among topics of the workshop.

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Tatuya Hagino, W3C lead for Mobile Access Activity <hagino@w3.org>
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