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Submission request to W3C (W3C Team Comment)

We, W3C member IBM Corporation hereby submit to the Consortium the following specification, comprising the following document(s) attached hereto:
  1. Annotation of Web Content for Transcoding
which collectively are referred to as "the submission." We request the submission be known as the Web Content Annotation submission.


Users will be accessing the Internet increasingly from information appliances such as PDAs, cell phones, and set-top boxes. These devices do not have the same rendering capabilities (display size, color depth, screen resolution, etc.) Or network connectivity as traditional desktop clients, and therefore, content must be modified, or transcoded, for proper display on those devices.

This proposal presents annotations that can be attached to HTML/XML documents to guide their adaptation to the characteristics of diverse information appliances. It also provides a vocabulary for adaptation and syntax of the language for annotating Web content. Used in conjunction with device capability information, style sheets, and other mechanisms, these annotations enable a high quality user experience for users who are accessing Web content from information appliances.

The proposed framework is broadly applicable to cases when content adaptation is desirable. It therefore enhances language translation, Web accessibility, and speech enablement efforts.

Intellectual property Rights

Declaration of International Business Machines Corporation

In the event that this contribution, or portions thereof, are included in the W3C Recommendation on Web content annotation, and the Recommendation cannot be practiced without the use of one or more IBM patents, IBM agrees upon written request to grant a non-exclusive license under such patents on a non-discriminatory basis and on reasonable terms and conditions, including royalty rates; and provided a similar grant under licensee's patents within the scope of the license granted to licensee is made available upon request to IBM. IBM expressly reserves all other rights it may have in the material and subject matter of this contribution.

IBM expressly disclaims any and all warranties regarding this contribution including any warranty that this contribution does not violate the rights of others or is fit for a particular purpose.


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The submission may be distributed within the membership of the W3C free of any fee. The submission may be distributed publicly free of any fee under the redistribution terms expressed in the W3C copyright statement.


The following points should be noted as regards licensable technology involved in any third party implementations of the technology specified in the submission: NONE

Suggested action

We suggest that the Consortium establish a Working Group within the User Interface area, to define a Recommendation for Web content annotation, with the involvement of representatives from the Mobile Access, Web Accessibility, Voice Browsing, and language translation initiatives.


To help with this work, IBM expects to be able to provide one non-resident document editor to the Consortium and other technical participation and expertise to enhance this submission toward a formal Recommendation.

Change control

Should any changes be required to the document, we would expect future versions to be produced by W3C process.


Inquiries from the public or press about this submission should be directed to:

Tara Sexton, Director of Communications, IBM Pervasive Computing
E-mail: taras@us.ibm.com
Phone: +1-914-766-3366


this 24th day of May, 1999,
David Singer, IBM, singer@almaden.ibm.com