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Comment on Web Schematics Submission

W3C is pleased to receive a submission in the field of 2D vector graphics. There is a growing interest in representing graphics on the Web in a way which is scalable and structured, rather than as raster images. The Web Schematics submission is an interesting proposal in this direction. It builds on the experience gained with the drawing tools associated with different types of document production systems, and with relevant ISO 2D graphics standards, and proposes a small set of graphical primitives that are hierarchicaly structured.

There is also growing interest in a vector graphics format expressed in XML. This would permit customisation with style sheets, allow simple schematics to be written by hand, and (with XML namespaces) permit the intermixing of text and graphics in a single document. Experiments have already been done with the W3C testbed browser and authoring tool, Amaya, which have demonstrated the feasibility of such an approach. Because the Web Schematics submission is an application of SGML, it would be easy to re-express it as an XML application.

This submission falls under the Graphics activity and it clearly addresses an issue listed on the Graphics activity page: 'There is increasing interest in a useful, Web-oriented, open format expressed in XML which would be independent of any particular renderer or platform.'.

It also meets many of the criteria listed in the paper W3C Scalable Graphics Requirements.

Next Steps: If enough interest is shown for a new markup language representing 2D vector graphics, W3C plans to put together a briefing package proposing a new Working Group, in the Graphics Activity, on this topic.

Should a new Working Group be created, the Web Schematics submission would be placed on its agenda as one input towards the creation of an XML vector graphics format. The group would be expected to ensure that this format treated hypertext links as first class objects - links within, into, and out of the graphic should be supported - and further to develop the integration with style sheets.

The W3C membership is invited to discuss the disposition of the submission in the w3c-ac-forum mailing list or to advise the director in confidence via the W3C staff contact.

Disclaimer: Placing a Submission on a Working Group agenda does not imply endorsement by either the W3C Staff or the participants of the Working Group, nor does it guarantee that the Working Group will agree to take any specific action on a Submission.

Chris Lilley, W3C Graphics Activity Lead
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