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Comment on WIDL Submission

Most Web resources are pages or documents, but the Web is designed to provide an interface to remote services as well. HTML forms and CGI brought one level of functionality to the Web, but as was discussed at our June 1996 Workshop on Distributed Objects and Mobile Code, automated access to these services presents a number of challenges.

The WIDL submission proposes an XML-based format to exchange service interface definitions. The W3C staff have reviewed the submission and noticed relationships to W3C work on

Note that the WIDL Submission depends not only on XML but also on technology for referencing fragments of a structured document (see Section 3 "Object Model References"). The examples use a syntax developed by the submitters, but, as the submission states, the XPointer syntax in the W3C XML Linking could be used to fulfill this need.

Next Steps: The relevant working groups will be invited to consider whether the submission is partially or wholly within their scope.

The W3C membership is invited to discuss the disposition of the submission in the w3c-ac-forum mailing list or to advise the director in confidence via W3C staff contact.

Disclaimer: Placing these Submissions on a Working Group agenda does not imply endorsement by either the W3C Staff or the participants of the Working Group, nor does it guarantee that the Working Group will agree to take any specific action on a Submission.

Dan Connolly, W3C Architecture Domain Lead
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