W3C Style Sheets

This page documents how W3C uses style sheets on our own server. Due to a large number of historical documents which we still want to make available, documents on our server are not consistent in their use of style sheets. However, if you author new documents you must use style sheets.

This page is publically readable. If you come from the outside, feel free to look around to see how we use style sheets at W3C. Some of the pages pointed to from these pages aren't publically readable. Though.

Using Style sheets on our documents has many benefits:

In order to use style stheets with your document, you have to do two things:

  1. find the right category for your document
  2. insert a LINK element pointing to the style sheet in your document
The next two sections describe these steps in more detail.

W3C document types

The list below contains common document types on the W3C server and each of these types should have a style sheet associated with it. Some of them will be quite similar in the beginning, but will allow more distinct presentations when we are ready.

Please use the style sheets where they exist, else the generic style sheet for the access level - Tim.

Team categories

categorystyle sheetsample page
Team guide (hitchhikers guide to..)
team minutes (team-minutes.css)
team page
mail archive
message in archive
generic pages (team.css)

Member categories

categorystyle sheetsample page
Public office pages office.css
Internal office pages (for use by the office staffs) officeStaff.css
process document
WG page
WG minutes
WG mail archive
WG charter
The Art of Consensus: Guide for collborators and chairs
mail archive
message in archive
generic pages team.css
generic pages member.css

Public categories

categorystyle sheetsample page
activity statement activity.css
overview page activity-home.css
Recommendation TR/W3C-REC.css
Proposed Recommendation TR/W3C-PR .css
Working Draft TR/W3C-WD.css
Note TR/W3C-NOTE.css
press release
the front page
mail archive
message in archive
generic pages base.css

Linking to style sheets

To link to style sheets from your documents, add the following in the head of your document:

    <LINK REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="/StyleSheets/xxxxxx">

Then replace the x'es with the name of your style sheet, e.g. "member". The ".css" extension is not necessary. So, the start of your document will typically look something like:

    <TITLE>W3C Member Site</TITLE>
    <LINK REL="stylesheet" TYPE="text/css" HREF="/Stylesheets/member">

There are special rules for our Technical Reports.

W3C classes

Below is a very sketchy list of possible class names to encode semantics. Using these, we could e.g. give member-only links a certain color.

A.member member only links
P.policy Policy footnotes
.editorial editorial remarks
.errata errata to our specifications
.speaker The name of the speaker in the minutes
.site The name of the site in minutes
.action Outsanding action item
.done Completed action item

This list will never become complete, but we should try to converge around a core set of classes for each of the document types.

Håkon, with input from Henrik, Tim, Bert, Chris, Sally.