Disposition of comments on WD-css3-marquee-20080801

The CSS WG received the following comments in response to the last call for comments for CSS Marquee Module Level 3 on August 1, 2008:

# Commenter Comment Result Followup


I18N Core WG (Richard Ishida)

[link] “What will be the situation when the css direction property is not set explicitly, but the markup indicates that the directional context is right to left, ie. in HTML?”

[link] We added a non-normative note in the section indicated by the commenter:

Note that the 'direction' property is often set by rules in the UA style sheet based on mark-up in the document, as recommended in CSS 2.1 [CSS21] section 9.10 ("Text direction: the 'direction' and 'unicode-bidi' properties").



I18N Core WG (Richard Ishida)

[link] “We could find no mention of the expected effect when writing mode is vertical. We see this as an oversight. We assume that horizontal marquees would run vertically in this situation, and box marquees would move side to side. Please clarify this in the text.”

[link] We made no changes to the draft. We explained that vertical mode was dropped, because it added dependencies that would delay the specification and we didn't expect implementations of vertical text anyway. (This explanation was already part of the draft, but the commenter hadn't noticed it.)


The colors provide a summary of the follow-ups, as follows:

Color Meaning
Green Commenter was satisfied, or did not follow up.
Red Commenter was not satisfied
Bert Bos
Created: 20 Nov 2008
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