Implementation Report for XSL 1.1

XSL FO Subgroup

15 February 2006, last updated 1 December 2006


This document lists implementation feedback about XSL 1.1 implementations known by the XSL FO Subgroup at this time.


Altsoft Xml2PDF version 3.0 supports most of XSL 1.1 including bookmarks, multiple flows, and floats. See XSL-FO 1.1 support and conformance list for details.

Antenna House XSL Formatter

Antenna House XSL Formatter supports all new features of XSL-FO 1.1; see XSL Formatter V4 XSL-FO 1.1 Conformance for details.

Apache FOP

The Apache FOP implementation supports the XSL 1.1 bookmarks and page-number-citation-last for ids set on page-sequence. See Apache FOP Compliance Page for more details on XSL-FO support.

Inventive Designers Scriptura

Inventive Designers Scriptura supports various XSL FO 1.1 features and has participated in the CR implementation feedback. See http://www.inventivedesigners.com/scriptura for more details.


PTC/Arbortext 5.2 supports various XSL FO 1.1 features including bookmarks, change bars, page-number-citation-last, and page-sequence-wrapper; see Arbortext's XSL Support for details.


Currently RenderX supports most of new features of XSL 1.1. The list of supported features for XEP 4 and DiType differs. See http://moin.renderx.com/rxwiki/XSL11Support for details.