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ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-113 (edit) RAISED Define various kinds of overflow 2009-08-14 CSS3 Box 0
ISSUE-136 (edit) RAISED Define "may become narrower" 2010-08-05 CSS3 Box 0
ISSUE-162 (edit) RAISED Clarify application of 'clear' to run-ins. 2011-02-10 CSS3 Box 0
ISSUE-163 (edit) RAISED Clarify interaction of run-ins and “elements earlier in the source document”. 2011-02-10 CSS3 Box 0
ISSUE-164 (edit) RAISED Run-ins should not run in across text 2011-02-10 CSS3 Box 0
ISSUE-169 (edit) RAISED Various minor issues with run-in definition 2011-03-04 CSS3 Box 0
ISSUE-170 (edit) RAISED Interaction of run-ins and float positioning 2011-03-04 CSS3 Box 0
ISSUE-171 (edit) RAISED Interaction of percentages, intrinsic sizes, and shrinkwrap 2011-03-04 CSS3 Box 0
ISSUE-176 (edit) RAISED Define containing block formed by relpos'd inline split across multiple lines 2011-03-07 CSS3 Box 0
ISSUE-187 (edit) RAISED Add anonymous box selector for block-in-inline splits 2011-08-10 CSS3 Box 0

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