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Open, Raised and Pending Review Issues

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There are 2 open and raised issues listed in the system.

ID State Title Raised on Product Open Actions
ISSUE-2 (edit) RAISED page-break-before/after not distinguished in page breaking rules 2008-04-02 CSS2.1 0
ISSUE-87 (edit) RAISED Unicode Normalization of CSS 2009-01-30 CSS2.1 0

Open Actions

There are 10 open and pending review actions.

ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-24 (edit) open Write testcase for CSS2.1 Elika Etemad 2008-05-23 CSS2.1
ACTION-91 (edit) open Write new proposed text for Issue 14 David Baron 2008-08-27 CSS2.1
ACTION-104 (edit) open Ping jdaggett about David Baron 2008-09-17 CSS2.1
ACTION-119 (edit) open Propose new wording Bert Bos 2008-12-03 CSS2.1
ACTION-133 (edit) open Write testcases for issue 101 (e.g., see if we're interoperable on content-box vs. border-box) and come up with a proposal David Baron 2009-03-13 CSS2.1
ACTION-173 (edit) open Figure out what he wants to do about CSS 2.1 issue 115 David Baron 2009-08-26 CSS2.1
ACTION-228 (edit) open Port font-name tests to SVG Chris Lilley 2010-06-03 CSS2.1
ACTION-250 (edit) open Find normative statement in appendix G that should now be written elsewhere. David Baron 2010-08-30 CSS2.1
ACTION-267 (edit) open Sanity-check the issue 199 proposal. David Baron 2010-09-22 CSS2.1
ACTION-305 (edit) open Edit 232 and review for correctness. Bert Bos 2011-03-14 CSS2.1

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