ISSUE-8: How is the space distributed at the edges for 'background-repeat: space'?

space distribution

How is the space distributed at the edges for 'background-repeat: space'?

CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
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Bert Bos
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There are various ways to distribute the space between the images for 'background-repeat: space': is there also some space between the images and the edge of the element and if so how much?

Elika and Bert chose to have no space between the images and the edges, instead all space is distributed *between* the images. See

But that still leaves open the question where the image is rendered if there is only room for one tile, see the threads at and

And it also leaves open the question what happens if there is room for no tile at all. Is the image not rendered at all? or rendered and cropped? and if so, cropped on which sides?
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