ISSUE-102: Drop '/ border-width' from 'border-image

Drop '/ border-width' from 'border-image

CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
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David Hyatt
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Summary: Don't re-layout an element with a different border width when it is finally known that the image won't load or be usable, but use the same border width for the image as for the fallback border style.

I.e., no need for the slash-part in 'border-image', just use 'border-width'

Brad Kemper counters[1] that that will often make the fallback too ugly, but argues for a generic fallback pseudo-class, along the lines of that proposed[2] by Andrew Fedoniouk.

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Closed by adoption of Brad Kemper's proposal

Elika Etemad, 10 Apr 2009, 01:47:34

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