CSS Color Module Level 3 Implementation Report


This report was prepared to document the passing of the Candidate Recommendation exit criteria for the 21 July 2008 CSS Color Module Level 3 (CSS3 Color) specification. That document was a Last Call working draft, but the specification had been in Candidate Recommendation for some years before that, and implementations had meanwhile matured sufficiently to demostrate at least two passes for each test.


Four HTML/CSS browsers, built from three rendering implementations, were tested across three operating systems:

  1. Firefox 3.0.1 and 4b6 (Linux and Windows) by Mozilla Corporation (Gecko)

  2. Opera Browser 9.5.2 and 10.63 by Opera ASA (Presto)

  3. Safari 3.1.2 (production build 4525.22 and WebKit nightly SVN r36640) by Apple (Webkit)


The 21 July 2008 revision of the CSS3 Color test suite was used. These tests are available in several host language variants:

All tests apply to all language variants; the results for each tested implementation are reported for each tested language variant. Also, not all tests are applicable to each implementation; for example, a browser which implements HTML but not XHTML is not tested for XHTML.


In summary, the results show that each test was passed by at least two of the tested implementations.

  1. Results for Firefox 3.0.1 (Linux)

  2. Results for Firefox 3.0.1 (Windows)

  3. Results for Firefox 4b6 (Windows)

  4. Results for Opera Browser 9.5.2 (Linux)

  5. Results for Opera Browser 10.63 (Windows)

  6. Results for Safari 3.1.2 (MacOSX)

  7. Results for WebKit nightly SVN r36640 (MacOSX)

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