Cascading Style Sheets SAC: The Simple API for CSS

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SAC 1.0 is a standard interface for CSS parser and supposed to work with CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 (currently under development) and other CSS derived languages.



Comments on SAC are invited and are to be sent to the public mailing list An archive is available at

The API is a beta version which may be updated, replaced or obsoleted by other versions at any time. It is therefore inappropriate to use it as reference material or to cite it as other than "work in progress". This is work in progress and does not imply endorsement by, or the consensus of, either W3C or members of the Style Activity.

This API has been produced as part of the W3C Style Activity.

SAC 1.3: Java Implementation

SAC 1.3: C Implementation

SAC 1.3: Ruby Implementation

SAC 1.0: Perl Implementation

Philippe Le Hégaret

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