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ACTION-1 (edit) closed Gather api requirements (user stories) from diaspora and friendica developers Pavlik elf 2015-03-17 Use-case and Requirements
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Discuss Social Profile Use Cases and Requirements with Credentials CG Pavlik elf 2015-02-11 Use-case and Requirements
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Write carpooling use case (case of p2p marketplace) Daniel Harris 2015-02-11 Use-case and Requirements
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Extract Vocabulary requirements from API User Stories Pavlik elf 2015-03-11 Social Vocabularies
ACTION-5 (edit) closed xAPI Community - gather Use Cases and Requirements from their 2.0 work Pavlik elf 2015-03-17 Use-case and Requirements
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Setup workflow for 'sheparding' User Stories from WG (github) Pavlik elf 2015-03-25 Use-case and Requirements
ACTION-7 (edit) open Send out webex instructions Harry Halpin 2015-06-03

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