W3C Mail Archive Search Engine Help

Table of contents

General hints for a better, more efficient search

Basic query

Enter one (or more) keywords in the input box, submit, and "voila".

Refining your query

By default, this search system looks up documents matching your search query in the wider range available. A likely consequence is that there will be a lot of results, which can be annoying. If you have information about the message(s) you're looking for, use it with the Header search or select a specific list or group of lists to search among.

Keywords search

Keywords search - How to

You can enter one or more keywords (separated by spaces), or write a "phrase" understood by our Namazu engine.

Multiple word query
Case, substrings and regular expressions

Selecting sources to search

You can choose where to perform the search by either choosing a list or group proposed by the menu, or enter one or several list names (separated with whitespaces) in the dedicated field.

Important note : do not forget to select the method you want to use by "clicking" the proper radio button.

Header search

Keyword search is the "basic" search, looking for a set of words in the whole message. In some case, you may want to search messages according to a specific piece of information. This is what "header search" is for.

Header search are both available with the simplified and full interface.
With header search, you can search, or refine your query, based on information included in the mail headers.

Note that header search is a pattern search. If you enter "foo" in the from field, it will look for messages including the "foo" substring. This means that "Foobar Smith <me@example.com>" or "Bernard <dufoor@example.com>" will match.

Examples of header search

Refining a query with header search.

(Search messages from bob with the word "example" in it)

Search only in headers

(Search messages from bob)