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Metalog Downloads

Metalog is available both for Windows and Linux systems. A Macintosh porting is on the way.

For the impatient, here are the direct links to the latest version of Metalog:

More explanations and instructions follow.

Windows systems

Metalog can run on any computer equipped with a Windows (95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP) platform. The easiest way to install Metalog on Windows is to use the automatic installer.

There are two automatic installers for Metalog, the "fat" and the normal one.

The "fat" installer: this will automatically install both Metalog, and another program it needs to run, SWI-Prolog. It is the quickest way to get Metalog running on your system with one download.

Alternatively, you can install both Metalog and SWI-Prolog separately. In this case, you need to use the SWI-Prolog installer for Windows. After that, you can just download the normal Metalog installer, and run it: the installer will take care of automatically setting up Metalog within your system.

Note that when you already have SWI-Prolog installed (for instance, after having used the fat installer), using the smaller Metalog installer is the easiest and fastest way to upgrade your system when a new Metalog distribution is released.

Source code

In case you are interested, the source code for Metalog is also available: you can download here the source distribution. Note that, as Metalog is written in Python, you can directly run the code too, but in order to do so, you need to install Python (at least version 2.2), and SWI-Prolog (at least version 5.0). Installing also the wxPython package is optional: without it, some graphical embellishments will not be present.

Linux Systems

Metalog can run on any Linux system. You need to install Python (at least version 2.2), and SWI-Prolog (at least version 5.0). The wxPython package is optional, as it offers some graphical embellishments. Then, you can download the Metalog source distribution, and unzip it into a directory of your choice.