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The Log Validator was created as an internal tool at W3C, but since its public released it has been used successfully by many companies, organizations or web developing teams to improve or maintain the quality of the sites they manage. On this page you can read, in their words, why and how some adopters of the Log Validator are using the tool.

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QA Focus project, University of Bath, UK

The QA Focus project was funded to support digital library development programmes within the UK's higher education community. One of the areas addressed by the project was compliance with HTML standards for project Web sites. Surveys of HTML compliance showed that many pages contained significant numbers of HTML errors. The large numbers of errors found inevitably led to the question of whether it was worth addressing the problem and, if so, how to prioritise tackling such problems.

The approach recommended by QA Focus was to make use of W3C's log validator tool in order to report on the errors on the most popular pages on a Web site. This would help to not only fix problematic Web pages which were widely accessed but, in addition, to enable the page author to identify the underlying causes of the difficulties and to seek to remedy the work flow practices.

The approach used has been described in a QA Focus case study on "A Strategy For Fixing Non-Compliant HTML Pages On The QA Focus Web Site" and in an article entitled "Web Focus: Improving the Quality of Your HTML" published in the Ariadne e-journal.

The QA Focus Web site provides access to details of the quality assurance framework developed by the QA Focus project, together with over 80 briefing documents and over 30 case studies which describe best practices for the development of digital library services. The resources, many of which are available with a Creative Commons licence, can be accessed from the QA Focus Web site.

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