Log Validator - API

About the Log Validator Modules API

The "Log Validator" tool has been developed with extensibility in mind, following a modular design. Each module comes bundled with its API in pod format. One good way to learn about the module API for the Log Validator is to consult this documentation. CPAN has nice, hypertext versions of these documentations.

General Architecture

The "Log Validator"'s main perl module is LogProcessor, which processes all the log entries for a server (designated via the configuration file, or automatically) processes it through the processing modules, and finally sends the results to Output modules..

Processing modules

Output modules

Output modules. The names say it all (for now at least).

How to create a new module for the Log Validator

A specific guide is available on that topic. The basic idea is to start from one of the sample new modules and populate the methods by using the existing modules as an example.

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