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Overlapping Trees

Here is an example of a work (describing some programming functions, say) with two separate structures:

			Tutorial			Reference
			   |				    |
		  Let's do it together		       -----------------
		from simple to difficult	      |			|
			    |			by Functional      Alphabetical
			    |			    group	     by name
		  Task oriented examples	      |			|
			    |			       -----------------
			    |				    |
		  Examples of use of		   Syntax definition for
		  specific functions   <-------->    specific functions

The novice user starts at the top left, and works his way down. Where he needs specific details, he will get down to the examples and from them a link to the underlying definitive descriptions of each. As far as he is concerned, he is reading a tree-structured work. In fact, he is reading the same information as the expert who, coming in to check on one particular function, then looks up an example of its use.

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