WWW Style Guide

Make your (hyper)text readable

This is just a little rant about two style issues in hypertext that I'm seeing more of and don't like much.

The first is the _here_ syndrome, e.g.:

	Information about Blah Blah Blah is available by clicking _here_.

where the word _here_ is the link. This style is really awkward; when you click on 'here', you have to look around to make sure it is the *right* here. Let me urge you, when you construct your HTML page, to make sure that the thing-you-click is actually some kind of title for what it is when you click there. E.g. say

	Information about _Blah Blah Blah_ is now available.

And use:

	Information on _how to do searches_ is available.

instead of

	For information on how to do searches, choose _this link_

.Not quite as bad, but still awkward is where someone will use a topic word as a link, but it still talks about the links:

   	Here are links to a _CREDITS_ page and _technical details_ ...

Instead, try to write something like

   	Many thanks go to _various people_ for their contributions.

_Technical details_ of this system are available now.I.e., make your HTML page such that you can read it even if you don't follow any links.

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Contributed by Larry Masinter