W3C Style Guide
Date: 15 Apr 93  8:23 
From: "(Lutz Falkenhagen)" <falken@tnt.uni-hannover.dbp.de>

we use WWW as a local information server at the moment and I am responsible
for installing the clients and to establish the document style.

We agreed that it is useful to add the date of creation in the document title
and to sign the document at the bottom with the name of the author. This name 
is a link to a document with the whole address of the author. We agreed on a
date format 06-FEB-1993, because this format is known by everyone, although it
is not the nicest (it reminds to VMS).

Introduction and overview pages shall not exceed the size of the client window.
These pages should also be arranded in the form of tables or lists.

Each page should not contain more than three formats:
e.g. h1 - (ul,li,dd) - address

I suppose the arrangement of content, that we havedefined in our institute, can
not be fixed in general.