Table of Contents

Note: this is a hypertext version of RFC1341 which has been obsoleted by RFC1521, of which no hypertext version currently exists.

1     Introduction 
2     Notations, Conventions, and Generic BNF Grammar 
3     The MIME-Version Header Field 
4     The Content-Type Header Field 
5     The Content-Transfer-Encoding Header Field 
5.1   Quoted-Printable Content-Transfer-Encoding 
5.2   Base64 Content-Transfer-Encoding 
6     Additional Optional Content- Header Fields 
6.1   Optional Content-ID Header Field 
6.2   Optional Content-Description Header Field 
7     The Predefined Content-Type Values 
7.1   The Text Content-Type 
7.1.1 The charset parameter 
7.1.2 The Text/plain subtype 
7.1.3 The Text/richtext subtype 
7.2   The Multipart Content-Type 
7.2.1 Multipart:  The common syntax 
7.2.2 The Multipart/mixed (primary) subtype 
7.2.3 The Multipart/alternative subtype 
7.2.4 The Multipart/digest subtype 
7.2.5 The Multipart/parallel subtype 
7.3   The Message Content-Type 
7.3.1 The Message/rfc822 (primary) subtype 
7.3.2 The Message/Partial subtype 
7.3.3 The Message/External-Body subtype 
7.4   The Application Content-Type 
7.4.1 The Application/Octet-Stream (primary) subtype 
7.4.2 The Application/PostScript subtype 
7.4.3 The Application/ODA subtype 
7.5   The Image Content-Type 
7.6   The Audio Content-Type 
7.7   The Video Content-Type 
7.8   Experimental Content-Type Values 
      Appendix A -- Minimal MIME-Conformance 
      Appendix B -- General Guidelines For Sending Email Data59 
      Appendix C -- A Complex Multipart Example 
      Appendix D -- A Simple Richtext-to-Text Translator in C64 
      Appendix E -- Collected Grammar 
      Appendix F -- IANA Registration Procedures 
      F.1  Registration of New Content-type/subtype Values..68 
      F.2  Registration of New Character Set Values 
      F.3  Registration of New Access-type Values for Message/external-body69 
      F.4  Registration of New Conversions Values for Application69 
      Appendix G -- Summary of the Seven Content-types 
      Appendix H -- Canonical Encoding Model 
      Security Considerations 
      Authors' Addresses