3 The MIME-Version Header Field

Since RFC 822 was published in 1982, there has really been only one format standard for Internet messages, and there has been little perceived need to declare the format standard in use. This document is an independent document that complements RFC 822. Although the extensions in this document have been defined in such a way as to be compatible with RFC 822, there are still circumstances in which it might be desirable for a mail-processing agent to know whether a message was composed with the new standard in mind.

Therefore, this document defines a new header field, "MIME- Version", which is to be used to declare the version of the Internet message body format standard in use.

Messages composed in accordance with this document MUST include such a header field, with the following verbatim text:

MIME-Version: 1.0

The presence of this header field is an assertion that the message has been composed in compliance with this document.

Since it is possible that a future document might extend the message format standard again, a formal BNF is given for the content of the MIME-Version field:

MIME-Version := text

Thus, future format specifiers, which might replace or extend "1.0", are (minimally) constrained by the definition of "text", which appears in RFC 822.

Note that the MIME-Version header field is required at the top level of a message. It is not required for each body part of a multipart entity. It is required for the embedded headers of a body of type "message" if and only if the embedded message is itself claimed to be MIME-compliant.