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Stock Photos of Tim Berners-Lee

We have a library of digital photographs of Tim Berners-Lee in 72, 300, and 400 dpi; the latter resolutions are suitable for print publications. Please contact Janet Daly for questions regarding use of these images.

Black and White

Smiling portrait 1 (1392 x 2111 pixels)
Photo credit: MIT News Office
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Smiling portrait 2 - no tie (1392 x 2111 pixels)
Photo Credit: MIT News Office
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Color portrait (2106x2952pixels) - shot in November 2007
Photo credit: Donna Coveney

Color portrait (1411 x 2050 pixels)
Photo credit: Fabian Bachrach
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Color Portrait (2000 x 1312 pixels)
Photo credit: Le Fevre Communications

Janet Daly


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