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Open Issues Log and Blog

This page helps us capture ideas and thoughts that haven't been channelled into other areas yet, or which suggest the need for new organising pages.

1. Metrics for success: what are some examples of how the benefits of well-implemented PL are being measured (in comparison with the "old ways")?

2. Suggest the concept of negotiation caching: noting that the negotiation of a difficult/complex policy situation (eg, resolving the problems in Use Case 1) creates a sort of potential asset. To realise the value, stash the negotiation in cache and refer to the cache collection as if it were a collection of case law that helps untangle near-matching situations in the future.

3. Characterisation of a PL environment: How to express what sort of policy environment you're in? Some possible spectra of interesting properties:

  • number of policies involved in target transactions
  • degree of granular expression and clustering of policy assertions
  • number of possible policy combinations
  • degree of machine negotiation tractability
  • degree of risk (consequences of poor negotiation)
  • stability of policy collection in the domain
  • degree of policy chaining involved

4. Where is the personal policy register into which all my myriad click-wrap agreements are collected?

5. Would it be useful to represent aTopology of problem types: Is there a conclusion about the suitability/relevance of machine-based negotiation for a particular problem domain? The more a problem looks like one of cultural/organisational leadership (eg, why aren't we all already doing the Science Commons gig?), the less it is about the computer

6. Extent to which the whole question will be driven by the problems of massive public user bases, like FaceBook

7. The long tail of policy negotiation: getting the handshake is just the end of the beginning...once we have negotiated something, how is that agreement recorded, and then used as a reference point to surveil associated obligations of the parties into the future? In WS Policy there is no way to tell what policy a message follows.