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[picture shot at CWI, in the old 1996 circa]

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Innovation, information, innovation, information....

TR100 October 2004: Proud winner of the TR100 award, given to the
world top 100 young innovators in technology!


Double position as research scientist at MIT (Laboratory for Computer Science in The World Wide Web Consortium), and as research professor in Computer Science at the University of Venice.

Contact data: Boston and Venice (yes, two lovely places) dual addresses:

W3C                                                Department of Computer Science
MIT Lab for Computer Science                       University of Venice
32 Vassar Street                                   Via Torino 155
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA                           30172 Mestre - Venice, Italy

Fax:     +1 617 2585999                            Fax:    +39 041 2348419

Email:  massimo@w3.org (secure)

WHAT I care most of: information, in all varieties.

WHAT have I done in the past? A past short biography is available.

WHAT am I working on?
Well, lot of things (maybe too many...but there are too many interesting things to do...). Among others, I'm currently focussing on XML, semantic web (see Metalog for example), privacy, query languages, search engines, information retrieval, knowledge management, social technologies, mobile technology, complex systems, counter-terrorism, small-world systems.

I AM in W3C's Technology & Society Domain, and partly in the Architecture Domain as well. The Director of W3C is Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the web.
I'm the chief editor of P3P (Platform for Privacy Preferences), the XML world standard for privacy on the Web, and co-author of the companion APPEL specification.
I am the initiator of the Query Languages effort at W3C (see for instance QL'98). I started the XML-Query project (of which I am still the W3C contact, some years later...), deemed to develop the world standard for querying XML, and finally provide the due integration between the Web and the database world.
The next step that I'm currently involved, is the next layer for the Semantic Web, the query/logical layer: this will finally provide the needed tools to showcase the real possibilitites of the Semantic Web, allowing intelligent queries to be performed on the Web, and intelligent information flows to be specified for reuse.
Meanwhile, I have been involved in W3C's Web Ontology effort (OWL), which is bringing the Semantic Web to its next expressive layer. Going on to even more innovative layers, I have been co-founder, and currently sitting in the Executive Committee, of the European Commission Network of Excellence on Web Reasoning, REWERSE.
I have been W3C's responsible for the IEEE Internet Best Practices Activity, been chair and/or pc member in various events; for example, chair of Query Languages'98 (QL'98), in the Program Committee of the Eighth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW8), of the Nineth International World Wide Web Conference (WWW9) in Amsterdam, Vice-Chair at WWW10; finally, I'm scientific/strategic consultant for a variety of organizations and entities.
Recent months (various picks): program committee of the Eleventh International Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Methodology, Systems, Applications (AIMSA2004), program committee of the International Conference on Web Engineering (ICWE2004), program committee of the Sixth International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS2004), program committee of the WWW/Internet 2004 Conference, program committee of the 2004 Workshop on Semantic Web Reasoning (PPSWR2004), program committee of the 2004 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI 2004), invited keynote at the Second International Conference on Trust Management (iTrust 2004), invited keynote at the 7th International Conference on Current Research Information Systems (CRIS 2004), invited keynote at the 2004 Symposium of the Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association (JEITA), program committee of the 2005 International Workshop on Interoperability of Web-based Educational Systems, program committee of the International Workshop on Ubiquitous Web Systems and Intelligence (UWSI 2005), program committee of the 4th International Workshop on Web Semantics (WebS 2005), program committee of the International Workshop on Automated Specification and Verification of Web sites (WWV 2005), program committee of the 2005 International Conference on Logic Programming (ICLP'05), vice-chair of the IEEE/WIC/ACM 2005 International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'05), program committee of the Seventh International Conference on Information Integration and Web-based Applications & Services (iiWAS2005), program committee of the 2005 W3C Workshop on Rule Languages for Interoperability, program committee of the International Symposium on Social and Organizational Informatics and Cybernetics (SOIC 2005), program committee of the Third International Workshop on Principles and Practice of Semantic Web Reasoning (PPSWR 2005).

I'VE been doing research in a variety of fields. Here are some of my publications. Relatedly, see my opinion on patents.


YOU are more than welcome to email me for general discussions and requests, but please be patient as I might have slow response time because of heavy workload.
Warning Note: there is a very small chance that your email will never arrive to me, due to the multiple spam filters I am (necessarily) using. So, if I don't reply at all and too much time passes, please try to resend the message, for instance changing the subject. Apologies in advance, spam is the havoc of these modern times...

PRESS: recent interviews (2004/2005), both biographical and discussions on Internet and the Web, Search Engines, Semantic Web, Complex Systems, appeared for example in: Sole 24 Ore, Diario, La Nuova Venezia, Il Mattino di Padova, La Tribuna di Treviso, Rai Radio 3, Rai International, Canada CBC Radio One, Delta magazine, la Repubblica, Radio Vaticano One O Five Live, Il Gazzettino, Rai Radio 2 (Caterpillar).

If you are a journalist, the best way to get in touch with me is email, see above: that reaches me everywhere I might be.


NOW, (ok, quick, clock is running), some other info of minor importance, on my personal side.

SINCE the very beginning of the WWW (well, I do web research, after all...), I've been maintaing my personal WWW page. Being mirroring just a waste of time and space, I did not recreate it here (actually, so far I never had the time to do it...), so you are kindly requested to directly jump at it, expecially if you are interested in non-work things, i.e. knowing a bit more of me, my interests etc..
In fact, the server is down for reasons not dependant on my will (...), but luckily (or unluckily, depending on the viewpoints...;) you can meanwhile access a mirrored archived version:

[archived 2001 version]

AND, well, regarding my photo on this page, don't be scared, I'm usually not that serious...

Historical: I was one of the organizers of the 1997 Nobel Prize Dario Fo's Performances at MIT, one of the coolest events of 1997. Check it out!

Orfeo Marchiori In memoriam: my father Orfeo (left, younger in the picture) recently died, after a long struggle
first against a rare disease (DAVF), misdiagnosed for years (data available to help similar cases)
and finally discovered and recovered (although ending in a wheelchair), soon afterwards,
incredible destiny, followed by lung cancer. Thanks, dad, you were and are a marvellous
person, who taught me lot of things, first of all honesty, happiness, joy, and the need to
think with our mind: I owe most of what I am to you.
I will miss you, your smile, your thoughts.
You didn't deserve such a terrible and painful end.

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