Yuichi Yuichi Koike

Contact Information:

email:  koike@w3.org
telephone:  +1.617.258.5714
facsimile:  +1.425.671.4119
postal mail:  MIT Laboratory for Computer Science
545 Technology Square, Room NE43-350
Cambridge, MA 02139, USA

I joined the W3C-MIT in November 1999 as a visiting engineer from NEC Corporation.

I am mainly working on the P3P user agent (client software) implementation, in the Technology and Society Domain. I am also interested in applying the P3P technology to various areas, such as mobile communications, TV broadcast, and BtoB E-commerce.

Since I graduated from University of Tokyo in Japan with my master degrees of Precision Machinery Engineering in 1992, I have worked in NEC Corporation on the research and development of:


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