Josef Dietl

Picture of Josef Dietl Somehow, the Web appears to be the biggest place in the world. Despite that fact, a huge effort has to be undertaken to make it grow even more: to include the "rest of the world", who have not yet experienced the WWW in one way or the other, and to solve potential worries of its current users. It is a privilege to be a member of W3C's team and to contribute to this effort.

Jedes Ding erscheint zuerst lächerlich,
dann wird es bekämpft,
schließlich ist es selbstverständlich

Artur Schopenhauer (22.2.1788 - 21.9.1860), German philosopher.

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When you try to contact me, you will likely experience that I'm travelling a lot. While this can be a nuisance sometimes, it may allow me to meet you face-to-face wherever you are. Give it a try!

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