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Jun 1998 Swiss/German Holiday

notes... we've got photos too, but they're not here.


of my 3 international trips this year, would Mary go to Australia, Switzerland, or Japan?

Mary and Mom compare notes about travel through Switzerland

borrowed some "travel in Germany" books from Keith and Betsy

travel jems on the web: currency converter, rail route site, Rhine Cruise, Schönburg castle Riesling Wine Tour

Sat, 20 Jun: Dan, Mary, Brennan and Justin drive to OKC

The Business Trip

Sun, 21 Jun: Dan watches USA lose to Iran in the World Cup from a bar in the Chicago airport.

Mon, 22 Jun: Dan arrives Zurich, train to Geneva

Tue, Wed, Thu: W3C Meeting at CERN in Geneva

Friday: Geneva

bus to down town

rose gardens, water park

lunch at Daval Et Fils

to Mainz: Saturday

Saturday: to Mainz

6 hour train ride across Switzerland and Germany in June

long chat with a local who had seen both wars, travelled extensively

Hotel Schottenhof: a block from the train station

dinner at La Vecchia Roma (which world cup game did we watch?)

Sunday: to Oberwesel and the Castle

stowed our bags in a locker in Mainz; planned to retrieve them after the cruise, but... had no time!

10:01 Koln Dusseldorfer (KD) Rhine Cruise - Mainz to Oberwesel

lunch on the boat

Schönburg castle...
Riesling Wine Tour: tour of Weingut Laius-Knab... brought some back!

dinner in the castle: 5 course meal. Note: we're still in our travelling shorts, having left our finery in Mainz

Monday: to Luzern

train back to Mainz; get bags out of locker

Mainz to Luzern (5.5 hrs)

a bit of gift shopping, dinner at Montrose by the lake

Tuesday: Mt. Pilatus in Luzern, to Zurich

Mt.Pilatus tour:

train to Zurich

took in a movie: Six Days Seven Nights (1998); fair

lazagne, Pino Grigio at Ristorante Pulcino

The Long Trip Home

Wed: back thru Chicago to OKC, reunite with the kids

Thu: drive back to Austin

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