]> Style sheets for on-line SGML & HTML

Style sheets for on-line SGML & HTML

[If you have Panorama, the material is also available complete with navigator and Panorama style sheets.]

Here is a small collection of articles about style sheets for on-line SGML & HTML, that I wrote to help discussions on the html-wg and www-html mailing lists. Also see the W3C's style sheet overview. These pages are now only of historical interest. The CSS draft should be considered to reflect my latest ideas.

Stream-based Style sheet Proposal

(Old) A proposal that used the syntax of X resource files, which eventually proved too limited. Most of this has been implemented. [31 Mar 1995]

Stream-based style sheets

A collection of slides that were used in the discussion at WWW'95 in Darmstadt. [18 Apr 1995]


An attempt to formulate the goals of the style sheet language. [30 May 1995]

Formatting model for SGML/HTML style sheets

A model to describe the process of formatting (not the same as an implementation, but a first implementation might be based on it.) [30 May 1995]

Addressing in SGML/HTML style sheets

Requirements and constraints for associating style rules with SGML elements, including a stab at a syntax for this part of the style rules, based on the earlier proposal above, and Håkon Lie's cascading style sheets for Arena. [23 May 1995]

Cascading of SGML/HTML style sheets

Rules for combining style sheets from different sources with different priorities. [11 May 1995]

Property value expressions for SGML/HTML style sheets

Possible ways of making property values depend on the context, with suggestions for a syntax. [11 May 1995]

Unsolved issues

A number of difficult styles, that have no obvious and elegant expression as a property.

Properties for fonts, colors and margins

A proposed set of properties for selecting fonts, text styles, margins, line breaks, rules, and colors. [10 July 1995]

Bert Bos, 30 May 1995