]> Charter: mailing list for the development of on-line style sheets for SGML/HTML

Mailing list for the development of on-line style sheets for SGML/HTML

This is a tentative charter for a mailing list concerned with developing a style sheet language for the World-Wide Web.

The goal of the mailing list is to create or standardize on one or more languages for specifying the lay out of data that is marked up in SGML, so that it becomes understandable to people, under the following constraints and requirements:

Note that it is not a requirement that formatting can start before the whole of the style sheet has been read (but it would be nice if it could...)

Other goals

Some other things, not currently seen as requirements, but which may acquire that status if there is consensus:


style sheet

the collection of explicit instructions that determines the lay out of a document. Note that a style sheet need not be a single file, it can be the reuslt of combining other style sheets and fragments in various ways. The word `explicit' refers to the fact that there may be other things that influence the lay out, such as automatic modifications by the hardware

lay out

the visual, audible or tactile appearance of a document, meant (primarily or exclusively) for human senses. `Lay out' is often used in a more abstract sense: the appearance of a typical document, instead of of a concrete one.


the process of producing a lay out for a document, using a style sheet and possibly other (application dependent) information.

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Bert Bos, 30 May 1995