Hi, my name is Arnaud  Le Hors. Pronounce: "Arno Le Orse". "Le Hors" is my last name.

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I can be reached by email at

Phone: +1 (408) 256-3166

What I do

I've left W3C and now work for IBM. My leaving won't put an end to my involvment with W3C activities though. What's going there is very very interesting and I really want to keep being part of it. I'm part of the XML Techonology Group at IBM and will represent IBM within W3C Working Groups such as the DOM Working Group.

Note: Now that I've left the W3C Team, Philippe Le Hégaret has taken over the position of DOM Activity Lead.

What I've done before

World Wide Web Consortium

I used to work at W3C in the User Interface domain. I first spent a whole year working on the specification of HTML 4.0, which is now a W3C Recommendation.

This done, I then focused on the Document Obect Model (DOM) for which I was the W3C Activity Lead. We've produced a first W3C Recommendation called DOM Level 1and are about to finish up the DOM Level 2. I also implemented the DOM Level 1 in Java within Amaya. This is pretty cool, but unfortunately it relies on a version of Amaya in which there is a JVM which is in limbo. This makes the whole project quite unusable. Oh well, at least, it allowed me to gain implementation experience and discover several holes in the DOM Level 1 spec.

X Consortium

Prior W3C, I worked at the X Consortium, Inc in Boston, as a member of the technical staff. I worked one year on the COSE/CDE/Motif project and 6 months on the X11R6.3 release of the X Window System called "Broadway". My contribution to Broadway has been focused on the remote execution and embedding part; definitely a very exciting area!! If you want to know more about this, have a look at this page. Specifically I wrote the RX document specification which is now an X Consortium Standard. Although I haven't had the chance to work as long as I would have liked I'm proud about the work I've done there. It's amazing how much work we've accomplished in the last 6 months. We had a great team, and working there has been a wonderful experience I'll never forget.

Groupe Bull

Before, I worked during 5 years, as a research engineer, in the Koala Bull Research team, which is interested in human-machine interfaces and specializing in the X Window System. During this time I worked on the two following main projects:

Netscape Plugin Test bed for Unix

As part of my work at XC I developed a Netscape plug-in (the xrx plug-in) and because I got very frustrated by the poor environment provided, I also developed a plug-in test bed. What it gives you is a way to run your plug-in under debugger, or purify, or any other development tool I guess. At least on Unix platforms, this is not possible from within Netscape, mainly because it is a non debuggable and stripped binary.

Although it is not complete, it has been very useful to me as it is, so if you want to give it a try, help yourself. It's available as part as the X11R6.3 distribution (in programs/plugin/testplugin).

The main problem I've been facing was the lack of documentation on what Netscape really does. Because of this it is quite difficult to emulate Netscape and sometimes you'll face problems under Netscape you can't reproduce with the test bed. Sorry about that. Everytime I faced such a situation I tried to understand what was really going on and then I enhanced the test bed to match Netscape's real behavior, but this seemed to be an endless task...


Beside working, I enjoy (yes, I do enjoy my work, very much so. Which I think is really great given the time one has to spend at work during his lifetime :-) wave-windsurfing, surfing, snow-boarding, playing squash, and watching movies.


I'd really like having the time and the talent to write a really cool Home Page but I'm afraid this is quite unlikely to happen... And I still don't understand why people tell everything about their private life on the web. I use the web as a work tool. And I think it's nice to provide some information that others might find useful within this context as well as a little bit about myself so people I work with, but I haven't had the chance to meet, can see what I look like and so. But just as I wouldn't take a microphone and go into the street to tell everybody about my private life at loud, I won't tell you about it here either.