Card Network Identifiers Approved for use with Payment Request API

Basic Card Payment, published by the W3C Web Payments Working Group, defines supportedNetworks as a sequence of card network identifiers accepted by the payee. User agent support for identifiers will likely change over time, and perhaps more rapidly than the custom for W3C to update its Recommendations. Therefore, the Working Group has decided to publish its approved list as a separate "live" resource, outside of the specification. This is the Working Group's list of approved card network identifiers.

Note: Merchants may use Payment Request API without specifying a filter and receive card information for any network, whether or not that network is listed here.


Approved Card Network Identifiers

This is the list of card network identifiers approved for usage by the Web Payments Working Group. Appearance in this list is not a guarantee that a particular browser or other user agent recognizes the identifier as a supportedNetwork. Implementation support may vary.

Each identifier is meant to correspond to a "BIN range." The assignment of these ranges is managed outside of W3C. W3C provides this registry of identifiers as a convenience and relies on industry practices to correctly map these identifiers to BIN ranges.

Change Policy

It is expected that this list will grow as user agents and other software implement support for more card network identifiers.

Non-editorial changes to this document must be approved through a decision of the Web Payments Working Group. The Chairs will put the question to the group (e.g., during a teleconference) and look for consensus (support and no objections) to add the identifier to the list.

If the Web Payments Working Group can no longer maintain the list, W3C management will address the maintenance and change policy of this resource.

Requests to Change this List

To request changes to this list please write to (public archive). In your request, please include a recommended network identifier (that is, a short string) and a link to information about the entity that owns the network. Reasonable short strings that accurately reflect a network's name, do not create confusion, and do not duplicate an existing identifier will be added to the list.


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