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This wiki is used by the participants of the W3C Web Payments Interest Group. Questions or comments? Write to W3C Staff contacts Ian Jacobs.



Meeting policies

Upcoming Meetings

  • The next face to face meeting is scheduled for TPAC week, 6-10 November, in Burlingame, California

Recurring Meetings

  • Full Interest Group: Mondays 10:00-11:00 ET Dial-in code 644 435 710 WebEx information

See #Teleconference Logistics below.

Past Meetings

Teleconference Logistics

Issue and Action Tracking

Active Task Forces within the IG

Monitored Community Groups


Proposed IG Process

The Web Payments IG should act as a steering committee for the Web Payments Activity. In addition to some administrative tasks, the IG should identify targets for standardization, and work to produce Working Group charters for groups that will create the actual standards. To help fulfill this part of the IG mission, we have a proposed process (under discussion).

Mailing List Policies

Group Blog / News

  • The news at the top of this page is managed by WordPress. All IG members are allowed to post news. Note that only the last 2 news are displayed on this page. Older news are accessible through the older post menu below the news. In order to publish a news, you need to Log in then Add a new post.
  • If you do not feel comfortable publishing yourself, feel free to ask the team contacts to do so.


Q4 2015 Proposals


Use Cases

Payment Architecture

External Reviews

  • This task force provides feedback on relevant external specifications.
    • Prefix email subjects with "[external_reviews]"
  • External Reviews Wiki

Internet of Value

  • Today's payment networks are disconnected like the documentation systems that the Web sought to connect. This task force explores how the Web can connect new and existing value networks and enable cross-network clearing and settlement that is secure, low-cost, and fast.

The central question will be how standardization could make web payment mechanisms more interoperable, accessible and competitive.

Let's design an open payment scheme for the Web.

Prefix email subjects with "[iov]"


  • This task force is the liaison with W3C and relevant industry groups in the area of security. The group will help determine what new work is required within the W3C, or will be better left to other organizations.
    • Prefix email subjects with "[security]"
  • Security Wiki


Communications Strategy