PICS Third-Party Rating Services

The following services rate materials published by others. As a web site author, you can not control what ratings these services will assign to you. You may, however, want to contact them to ask them to rate your site or document. Their labels are not normally embedded within the documents, but rather are distributed via label bureaus.

Publicly Accessible Label Bureaus

If you have client software that offers the option of connecting to a Label Bureau (sometimes called a Rating Bureau) to access labels provided by independent third-parties, the following label bureaus offer free public access. To test what these label bureaus say about a particular URL, try the test-a-URL service at the PICS Application Incubator.

PICS Self-Rating Services List

The following services permit you to rate your own site according to criteria they specify. If you use one of those services, you'll connect to its web server and describe your document or web site by filling out an on-line questionnaire. After completing the questionnaire, the service gives you a text label in a special format, which you then paste into the header portion of your HTML document (or the home page for your site). Examples of correct and incorrect embeddings.

Last update: March 5, 1996

This list is maintained by Paul Resnick of AT&T on behalf of the World Wide Web Consortium. Please let us know of any omissions or corrections, or if you know of label bureau offerings that need to be added to this list.