AT&T Selects Microsystems' Cyber Patrol for WorldNet Service

FRAMINGHAM, Mass., March 5, 1996 Microsystems announced today it will provide users of AT&T's WorldNet Service with Cyber Patrol, the leading Internet filtering tool, which allows parents to manage their children's Internet access, limit the total time spent on-line, and block access to Internet sites they deem inappropriate.

"We are excited about working with AT&T WorldNet Service to provide a solution to the challenge of parental controls," said Nigel Spicer, president and COO of Microsystems Software. "We developed Cyber Patrol with the belief that responsibility for content lies with the individual user. It is clear that parents want a flexible solution, and we are pleased that in cooperation with AT&T WorldNet, we are able to provide Cyber Patrol."

AT&T WorldNet users can obtain a thirty-day demo version of Cyber Patrol from the Customer Service section on WorldNet. After the demo period users can purchase Cyber Patrol for $29.95, including a three-month subscription to the CyberNOT list.

The software comes loaded with the "CyberNOT Block List," a listing of over 7,000 researched Internet resources containing material which parents may find questionable. Using the CyberNOT List, users can reinforce their own personal values as they adjust children's access to specific Internet sites. Cyber Patrol also can be used to control access to local applications such as games and personal financial managers.

Cyber Patrol is the first Internet filter to include built-in support for the emerging ratings systems including Safesurf and Platform for Internet Content Selection (PICS). As part of its commitment to PICS, Microsystems has endorsed RSACi, the Recreational Software Advisory Council's PICS Service scheduled to be available later this year.

"Earlier this year, we delivered the first PICS server and are able to further advance the PICS standard by incorporating full support for PICS labels and RSACi in Cyber Patrol, the top-rated Internet filtering solution. This version of Cyber Patrol will be released on the same day as RSACi, allowing parents to take advantage of the RSACi labels as soon as they are available," said.Spicer.

Microsystems Software is a privately-held company that develops and markets creative, cost-efficient Internet and productivity software. Last year, in its first year of eligibility, Microsystems ranked number 223 on the Inc. 500 list of the fastest growing privately-held companies.