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PICS Information
PICS; What does it do?
PICS; Control without censorship
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Table of Contents

1. Increased access to information
2. Ideally children use the Internet with their parents
3. Children may run into inappropriate material
4. The solution: a system for selective access
5. Some software already addresses the problem

Scenario 1 (10 year old)
6. Mom sets up system
7. Choice of services and levels
8. Son turns on computer
9. He signs on
10. He turns to a directory service
11. He accesses NASA
12. He selects another link
13. His access is denied
14. He asks Mom's permission
15. Later, when Mom is home...
16. Mom reviews request

Scenario 2 (14 year old)
17. Mom sets up daughter's account
18. Daughter turns on computer
19. She signs on
20. She turns to a directory service
21. She accesses material her brother could not
22. She selects another link
23. Her access is denied

How selective access works
24. How selective access works
25. Elements of the system
26. Labels and blocking
27. Service can have various forms
28. To establish a rating service
29. Next steps